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    Foo Fighters or The Foo Fighters

    I want everyone to understand something: In 1999 there was not a bigger Foo Fighters fan than me. The Colour and The Shape (the album with My Hero, Everlong, Walking After You, etc) was my White Album. That album was the foundation for my musical tastes afterward. 

    I say that without a doubt. Looking back, after years of liking different genres and enjoying different bands, I can safely say, The Colour and The Shape is my favorite album ever. When I listen to it now, I still enjoy it as much as the first time. 

    I say all of this to add weight to what I am about to say:

    The Foo Fighters are terrible.

    I can say that so easily, because Foo Fighters ended in about 2001. In 2002, another band started up called THE Foo Fighters. They had a big hit with “All My Life” which any true Foo Fighters fan recognized as an absolute atrocity and they haven’t looked back since. Dave Grohl has written some Foo Fighters-esque songs such as “Best of You” or “The Pretender” but they have never been able to create the same feel as the 3 albums Foo Fighters made.

    I recently watched “Back and Forth” which is a glowing documentary about the progression Dave Grohl has made with is 3 bands. It starts with Nirvana, moves to Foo Fighters, and then finishes with THE Foo Fighters.

    Right now you are annoyed with me because I keep adding “THE” on the front. 

    I do that because I realized something whilst watching said documentary: Foo Fighters almost broke up because One by One was a terrible album and they didn’t want to release it, they played a good show, decided being a famous rock band was fun, re-recorded the terrible album, and they became THE Foo Fighters.

    Do what I did. Listen to each Foo Fighters album in chronological order. If, the very second that the first track of One by One kicks in (hint: it’s called “All My Life”) you can’t tell the difference between the way that song sounds and “My Hero” then you can’t tell the difference between orange and green. If you don’t notice a seismic shift in their sound you aren’t allowed to have an opinion about (THE) Foo Fighters.

    This is not to say that Mr. Grohl has not written a good song since 1999. “Times Like These” is a great song, so is “Best of You”. “In Your Honor” is a cool, “The Pretender” is catchy, “Rope” grows on you. But none of them comes close to anything on their first 2 albums (the 3rd album was great but there were weak points).

    Seriously. Listen to the albums. One right after another. Then, when you’re done, loop around and start over. Listen to Wasting Light next to the self titled debut. Listen to Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace next to The Colour and The Shape. Listen to In Your Honor next to There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

    There is no way to compare them, because they are on different levels. Whatever Grohl had in the 90’s he lost in the 00’s. 

    If you can listen to The Colour and the Shape and then listen to Wasting Light and honestly say, “Indeed, this band has improved it’s song writing and original composition.” I will eat every hat I have ever owned. I will buy hats simply to eat them.

    That is the end of this post. I seriously want you to be mad and tell me to eat hats in order to defend new Foo Fighters music. I want that.

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    The Longest and Shortest Week of My Life

    My son is one week old. So much has happened in such a short period of time that it almost doesn’t make sense. At some point I will try to synthesize everything for whoever might read my posts, but I’m not going to do it now.

    Anyway, isn’t my kid freaking adorable? I really don’t think it’s subjective, he is objectively cute.

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    "O’Neal will become a regular with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson on the Emmy-winning studio show Inside the NBA.
    But will one set be big enough, literally and figuratively, for The Diesel and Sir Charles?
    O’Neal said the two giants will peacefully co-exist. “It is not a concern for me. I’ve always been a team player,” he said on a conference call Thursday.
    Turner Sports President David Levy said Barkley was one of the biggest proponents of hiring O’Neal. Smith has nicknamed his new colleague “The Big Analytical.”"

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    Guitar String Oscillations

    Kyle Jones set an iPhone inside his guitar to record video while he played. The distorted appearance of the strings is due to the rolling shutter effect, and is not exactly representative of how plucked strings look.

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    Flashed Face Distortion Effect

    Read the article then watch the video. It’s weird.

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    RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time (by theRSAorg)

    I’ve posted this before (albeit not recently) but I want to repost it because I was trying to describe it to someone recently and failing miserably.

    Very interesting.

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